Sourcing Services

1, Business Translation
You would like to visit suppliers, but they can’t communicate as good as you wish, a better way to negotiate with suppliers on issues, or the cultural difference, language, misunderstanding of product specifications, make your project running more difficult.
We stand at purchasing side, knowing exactly well as clients want, explain clients meaning without culture conflict, and reach double-win.

2, Sourcing Service
What we do:
Find reliable suppliers
Price negotiation
Production follow-up
Consolidate from different suppliers
Quality Control
Shipping Arrangement
Can’t find a decent and trustworthy supplier; Afraid to be scammed by the shell and/or fake Chinese company; Don’t know how to negotiate a better price; Don’t have time to do inquiry, communication, comparison, and negotiation;
We will be providing your professional products sourcing services for small and medium-sized enterprises, we will take care of the whole process of your transaction in terms of product development, supplier screening, and verification, price, and contract negotiation, coordination and follow-up, shipping arrangement, Export documentation.

3, Suppliers Verification
To get reliable suppliers, visiting them is a must. Analysis them from knowing their background, and negotiate with them, reach well communicated or well cooperated ones to make everything run smoothly.

4, Business Consultation
You are running very stable on your main business, and trying to open a side business, besides your marketing research, we would like to recommend new or hot products to you from China market.

5, Quality Control
During production inspection
Pre-shipment inspection
Container loading supervision
We will visit the suppliers when they started production or any time selected by the customer. Inspection include: quantity, quality, size function, packing, labels, shipping mark, products appearance, accessories, besides, it depends on the clients’ request as per the different products request.

6, Shipping Arrangement
Samples shipment arrangement
Air Cargo
Containers shipping & Combine
We will get you good and reliable forwarders to work with, or coordinate with your own forwarder and make the arrangement before the production finish. We will provide all the necessary documents.

7) Your supply chain management(SCM).